Addressing the risks of match-fixing and the threats to sports betting integrity

Mission Statement

The Sports Betting Integrity Forum was established in 2012 to develop Britain’s approach to protecting sport and sports betting being corrupted. It brings together representatives from sports governing bodies, betting operators, sport and betting trade associations, law enforcement and gambling regulation. The Forum is part of Britain’s Action Plan to address the risks of match-fixing and the threats to sports betting integrity.

The integrity of sport is absolutely paramount and we have to do all that we can to protect it. The Sports Betting Integrity Action Plan is about ensuring that Britain remains a safe place to bet on sport and to tackle any threat of corruption that emerges. We cannot be complacent. The Gambling Commission, sports bodies, law enforcement agencies and betting operators are all well aligned on this with effective collaboration vital in the fight against match fixing.

Tracey Crouch

Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport


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